Context & Content

I direct the meaningful production and positioning of content. I do this through collaboration with the teams designing the content and the people enjoying the content. My role is to help maximize the commercial impact of content by connecting the content to the needs of the audience.

Many brands are failing at effective design and production of content for the web. A commitment to a user centric approach via content strategy can help avoid failed positioning during the design process.

I have an astute understanding of user experience and the development process. I use my expertises to help build a more content friendly web.

The web is an open and collaborative place, our design process should be as well. A process that embraces a calculative, and iterative approach to decision making, tends to keep the audience need at the core focus. I challenge myself to help organizations champion a collaborative process. I believe in listening and deeply thinking about the task at hand before settling on a final solution.

I have a soft spot for fellow freelancers and boutique agencies, once a month I provide business development workshops. These workshops help explore the business intricacies of the creative industry.

I serve in the following areas:

Content Strategy:

  • Particularly for user experience, branding, and digital projects.

Tech Management:

  • I enjoy helping people solve complex problems with the use of technology. I help people navigate; mobile apps, CMSs, research and eCommerce projects.

Business Consulting:

  • I like helping people realize their core business goals; in a commercial context, these are usually brand positioning, ROI, pricing and growth.