Information Architecture and Content Strategy

By andy on June 25, 2016 — 1 min read

I recently had an interesting conversation with a UX peer about information architecture and how it applies to content strategy. Here are the highlights:



Q. Can you talk about the difference between information architecture and content strategy?
A. First to preface this, often times I feel that I am almost 50/50 split in my daily tasks between IA and Content Strategy. Some Content Strategist lean slightly more towards the editorial side, where I tend to be slightly more on the governance and structure side. 
How do these disciplines differ? I believe information architecture is a discipline that maps, connects and recommends structures to digital experiences. I think it is a discipline that works from a “bird’s eye” view to make sense of many individual details. I believe one of content strategies roles is to coordinate and make value decisions on the individual entities (content) that exists in the system to better inform IA.  More broadly, a content strategist should inform design stakeholders to the value of the content in the interfaces and ultimately the system. I think IA takes these values, metrics and goals to help advise a structure that optimize the path of a user. 
So. To distill it down, I believe content strategy works closely to examine the brand fit and goals of content, while information architecture ensures that the structure of the system holding the content enables a friendly path for people to consume the content. I would love to talk more about this subject, because I think there are a ton of nuances here, So anyone can feel free to email me !! Or slack me to discuss more!!

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