The Science of Authenticity

By andy on November 24, 2015 — 1 min read

Humans have an interesting ability to call bull-shit. Especially in a day an age where we reportedly see over 250 advertisements per day!!! (Forbes). How can design and digital content cut through this clutter to attract people? By being authentic, authenticity creates trust. I look to the brain experts to explain the inner-workings of the human psyche and it’s decision-making centers. The human brain is hard-wired to make decisions based on the environment around them and interpreting the relationships of their community. These integral functions enable us to better survive in our environments. There are endless resources that point to varying parts of the brain as decision centers. Consensus, in neuroscience points to the thalamus, or central brain, as the main process center for decision making rooted in emotion.

Why is this important? Because humans are emotional beings, we often allow our feelings to hi-jack our rationale observations when making decisions. As a brand, crafting a decisive message based on the “why” of the companies origin is a great way to emotionally and rationally connect with humans (Sinek-Video Ted Talk). One disclaimer – if the brand does not mean it, is not authentic, or waivers in commitment, people will leave and distrust the brand.

The key to building authenticity is crafting a decisive message that garners an emotional reaction. Humans have a need to connect in community, to trust, before deciphering an offer. Let your brand help build a better advertising industry by being authentic in your mission.

Making your marketing campaigns into narratives can greatly increase the decisiveness of the core message. “People remember information when it is weaved into a narrative… This helped keep our ancestors alive, stories train implicit memories” (Fritz Heider, Cognitive Psychologist). Exo-facto engage your customers by weaving rich narratives into your brand promise. Make them decisive, authentic and real!

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